What ever the occasion, fun casino hire can be right for you...

Red & Black Casinos provide fun casinos to ‘wow’ and entertain guests at any function. Fun casino tables provide the ideal way to add some more glitz and glamour to any occasion, they can be used as a great 'icebreaker' to get your people chatting or can be used as additional entertainment and most of all, they allow your guests to have fun in a safe environment.

With a variety of full-sized tables available, they can all easily be assembled on site. Offering a choice of authentic, full size luxury roulette, blackjack, wheel of fortune, craps (dice) and stud poker tables there is sure to something for everyone at any function. Red & Black Casinos only use the best, experienced croupiers who get the crowd involved, explain the rules and offer helpful tips and advice to those unsure how to play making your tables accessible to as many people as possible

No money changes hands at fun casinos, instead, guests are given fun money (that Red & Black Casinos provide for you) that they exchange for chips on the table. Guests are then free to gamble for the duration of the casino, with the aim being to have accumulated the most chips at the end of the event, with prize(s) for the evening’s highest rollers. The prizes you supply can be anything from a bottle of wine to a holiday depending on the purpose of your event and budget.

Every fun casino package provided by Red & Black Casinos include delivery to your venue, fun money and experienced croupiers to deal on the tables, ensuring your guests have a good time, even if they haven't played on a casino table before.

Based in Suffolk, Red & Black Casinos can travel to any venue in the country. Contact us to find out more.

Wedding fun casinos


Entertainment for weddings is just as important to the bride and groom as making sure the wedding cake is striking, the food is delicious and your bridal party look amazing so why not do something different by having a casino at your big day?

A wedding is a magical event anyway and a casino adds some glitz and glamour to the occasion. It’s something everyone can enjoy from your flower girl to your great grandpa, bringing together groups of friends and family who may not already know one and other. Having a fun casino at your wedding can act as a great way to break the ice and create an atmosphere of fun and excitement that can be enjoyed by the whole wedding party.

Red & Black Casinos experienced croupiers will entertain your guests and are more than happy to explain the rules to anyone, whether they’re first time gamblers or just want to brush up on the rules. Red and Black Casinos provide a service that will be sure to make your big day a memorable one at competitive prices and can be supplied as your only wedding entertainment or combined with music, dancing and more.



What better ways to raise money for your good cause than by bringing all the fun of a casino to your event. The casino can take centre stage as your primary entertainment or could supplement a dinner and auction. You can sell tickets to the event which include a certain amount of fun money and then charge guests for more fun money when they go 'bust' or are determined to take home the main prize of the night.

Red & Black Casinos can help you with tips and ideas on how to ensure you're able to raise as much money as possible at your event. For further information on how you can make the most of fundraising from a fun casino, speak to us.



A party isn't complete without entertainment that will leave your guests talking about what a good host you are and the glitz and glamour of a casino is one way to ensure your party remains the talk of town for months to come. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary or housewarming, a fun casino is sure to add the extra dimension to your night. 

Product Launches


You have a new product you want to share with the world and want a creative way of showing it off. Why not have some casinos tables at the launch? Anyone spinning a single number on the roulette table could win your product or be entered into a prize draw for example.

Corporate Events


Finding a single activity for corporate functions that appeal to a variety of people can be difficult to come across. A corporate fun casino creates a very unique atmosphere, it gets people talking and interacting with everyone, it’s a glamorous alternative to going for few drinks down the local bar or pub.

You may be looking for a space filler in a conference; a fun casino can be used to take people’s minds off the topic for an hour or two or simply be used to break up the day. Whether you are running a sales event, a conference or an evening to entertain and reward staff, Red & Black Casinos experienced croupiers can help your clients, staff and guests socialise within a fun and interactive environment. Red & Black Casinos can provide you with a perfect solution to any corporate function, at a very competitive rate. They are not based in one location and can travel to any location in the UK.