Blackjack is one of our most popular games, some people know it as 21’s while others think its pontoon. Either way curiosity will be sure to get the better of your guests.

Quick Facts

Up to 7 people can play at any one time.

Table Size:
6' (1.8m) wide by 3' (90cm) deep

Operating AreA:
11' (3.3m) wide by 9' (2.7m) deep


As with all of Red & Black's fun casino tables, your guests will be asked to exchange their fun money vouchers for chips to play with on the table where their friendly croupiers will offer advice and guidance as required.

The aim of the game is simple, get as close to 21 without going ‘bust’ (over) and beat the dealer. Players will be asked to place their bets in the square that they have chosen to play on. When everyone has placed their bets, the dealer will be begin by dealing all of the players’ two cards and one for his/herself.

The Dealer then works round the table from their left to right asking if each player wants to ‘twist’ (take another card) or ‘stick’ (stay). Players can have up to and including five cards so long as it doesn’t ‘bust’ (go over 21 and lose) the hand. Players can stick on any number whereas the dealer has to continue ‘drawing’ (taking another card) on sixteen or lower and must stick from seventeen.

Players can choose if their Ace is worth one or eleven and all picture cards are worth ten.

The dealer will clear your hand if you go bust to speed up paying out later.

Once all players have played their hands, the dealer draws his/her second card. As we said earlier, the dealer has to continue ‘drawing’ (taking another card) on sixteen or lower and must stick from seventeen.

If you were able to beat the dealers hand they will double your money, if your draw, the dealer will let you keep your stake.

The name of the game should suggest that Blackjack is the best hand you can have and is any 10 (or picture card) with an Ace. Anybody who secures blackjack will receive pay-out at the rate of two-to-one.

Red & Black Casinos Blackjack card shoes contain five decks of cards giving you a very high chance of drawing a ten or picture card increasing the chances of you getting Blackjack.

Red & Black Casinos always ask players to cash in their chips before leaving the table, even if it’s only to recharge your glass! Red & Black Casinos will exchange your chips for vouchers that can be used on the roulette or any of the other fun casino tables at your event upon your return.

NB Players are only playing against the dealer, it doesn’t matter what the other players have.

How to play Blackjack, intermediate level

Red & Black Casinos encourage players to extend their knowledge of the game and will actively suggest the following rules to players as they arise:


If a player has a pair of cards e.g. two nines, they can play two hands by matching their bet and splitting it over each card. Each hand is played out in turn and if both hands win they’ve doubled their initial bet


When a player has Blackjack and the dealer has a ten, picture card or ace showing, the player may choose to take insurance out against the dealer getting Blackjack. By doing this, should the dealer also get Blackjack the player still receives even money.


If a players initial two cards total nine, ten or eleven they are able to ‘buy’ card by matching their bet. The dealer will then provide one further card; this is the score you must stick on.

The logic is that with that starting number, you have a high probability of drawing a further ten or ace to have a good hand to play against the dealer

The game suddenly made sense when I realsised I was playing against the dealer and not the other players. Embarasing to say that my 8 year old son had to tell me that though!
— John Smith