Putting a spin on Corporate events...

Lancaster Mercedes will once again have customers spinning wheels of a different kind as they treat those picking up their brand new ‘17 registration plate cars next Tuesday at an exclusive midnight handover launch event.

From Roulette, Blackjack and Poker, to Craps, Chuck-a-luck or the Wheel of Fortune; there is no better way to match the glitz and glamour of a luxury launch event than to bring a touch of Monte Carlo to guests in the form of a fun casino.

Suffolk and Essex-based Lancaster Mercedes have once again asked the Red & Black Casinos team to support their five exclusive customer events in Ipswich, Colchester, Chelmsford, Southend and Lakeside to celebrate the launch of the new '17 registration plates.

sample of the personalised fun money produced for Mercedes

sample of the personalised fun money produced for Mercedes

Around 150 lucky new car owners from across the region will treated to drinks and nibbles before being armed with personalised fun money to exchange for chips on the table(s) of their choice. Keeping the adrenaline pumping and the anticipation building, the Red & Black Casinos croupiers will entertain guests on the lead up to midnight, when they can finally drive away in their brand new shiny cars.

Maisie Fenton from Lancaster Mercedes explains:

“Our midnight handovers give us a chance to thank our customers for their business and build the excitement about having one of the first new registration cars on the road. We’re able to spend time with each customer showing them their new car and behind the scenes of the dealership. It’s a great, relaxed environment where customers have fun and get to take a new car home by the end of the evening!”

This will be the third time Red & Black Casinos have supported Lancaster Mercedes with their midnight handovers and the team can’t wait to see all the new owners before they drive off under the stars in their new car!

If you are thinking of putting on a casino event for your organisation - here are a few pointers to help you make your decision...

Why is a fun casino such a great idea for company events?

Organisations of all sizes can benefit from the unique atmosphere that a fun casino night provides. As well as being a great ice-breaker for new staff or departments that may not have much to do with each other on a day to day basis, a fun casino is also a great way to inspire a spot of friendly competition between colleagues.

What sort of corporate event is a casino suitable for?

The short answer? Any! From wooing potential clients, to providing after-conference entertainment, hosting an awards ceremony, fundraiser event, PR/launch event, or treating employees to a fun-filled team-building night out, a fun casino is extremely versatile.

Is a casino night expensive to set up?

Company accountants fear not; choosing to host a casino night for your corporate event is an extremely affordable alternative to many other traditional (and often uninspiring) company events. With no actual money changing hands, staff, clients, and guests won't need to dig deep to attend, and Red & Black Casinos can entertain up to seventy people with just two tables - available to hire from just £450!

How much organisation will putting together a casino event entail?

It's a fact of life that professional people are busy people, and it's for that reason the team at Red & Black Casinos will take care of almost all of the planning for their clients. This includes delivery, set-up and removal of the tables, design and print of the 'fun money', venue decorations and prizes (if required). Fully trained, professional croupiers will also be supplied to deal on the tables and explain all of the rules and offer hints, tips and encouragement to guests who have not previously experienced any of the games on offer.

To find out more about how we can help you plan a work event with a difference, call 01394 380 988 or complete an enquiry form.