A fun way to fundraise!

Everybody loves doing their bit for charity and a charity fun casino night is the ideal opportunity for guests to enjoy an entertaining social night while you host an extremely effective fundraiser.


You could look to have a formal dinner-dance where the fun casino tables form part of the after dinner entertainment or hold a casino night where people are coming with the sole aim of winning big on the tables. Whatever you choose, all of us here at Red & Black Casinos will do all that we can to entertain your guests and maximise the money raised for your good cause. 

Here at Red & Black Casinos we have lots of experience in supporting charity events and are happy to share our experience to help you maximise the amount of money you can raise at your event. Seeking sponsorship from local businesses and selling tickets to attend your event is one way to make sure you’ve already got some valuable funds in the kitty before the tables have even opened. You may wish to have a prize for the person who has made the most money at the end of the casino to ensure your guests competitive streaks are tickled, again, this could be gifted by a local business.

There’s a few bits of legislation that you have to comply with and we are here to advise, for example no money is allowed to change hands at the tables. Appointing a ‘cashier’ (someone to sell fun money vouchers that guests exchange for chips to play with on the tables) is the easiest way to comply with this. This way, guests can make a donation for the vouchers that they use to play on the tables with. Further information about the legalities of fun casinos can be found on our ‘Fun Casinos and the Law’ page.

We would always recommend that you run at least one of our ‘roulette raffles’ where you sell tickets for which number will come up on the roulette wheel. Once all tickets have been sold, your croupier would announce that the next spin will also be for the winner of the roulette raffle, and then you’re free to sell another round of tickets. The raffle prize could be cash (maybe a percentage of the ticket revenue), more fun money to use on the tables or a bottle of bubbly.

There are other ways that we can help you to raise money. To find out more about hosting a charity casino evening call us now on 01394 380 988 or complete an enquiry form.